Monday, July 11, 2005

Really Horrible Dealer

So this dealer, Jennifer Graham if I remember correctly, comes to our table. First hand, I notice she pitches the cards over the blinds so high I could almost see them. I make a mental note to ask her to pitch them lower if it happens again.

A few hands in, a card skips off the felt and it flashes. I say it flashed, and that it's "the eight of hearts or something." She tells me to name the exact card. I say, "It's medium and red. The eight of hearts or so." The guy says it isn't the 8h. She tells me that if I can't name the exact card nothing should be done, and after all that I had "just named half the deck." Also, she gives me some dirty looks, especially after I ask her to pitch the cards lower.

Later a couple people limp and Vinnie raises. Right after he says "raise" and before he does anything that could possibly indicate the amount, the superannoying four-seat folds. Now, this isn't exactly a big deal, but it's improper, and a couple people politely ask him to wait next time. (Yes, I am one of the people that asked.) The dealer interjects and says "Why? He already said 'raise.'" We say that it could affect how much he was raising. She clearly fails to understand this, and again notes that Vinnie already said he was raising. We say he hadn't even reached back to his chips and it could affect how much he wanted to raise. She still aggressively fails to understand, and calls the floor, who agrees with us. As soon as the floor's out of earshot she mumbles: "Well, that's the stupidest rule I've heard."

A little later we're on break and she mentions that she thinks that if any card is flipped over during the deal, it should be a misdeal, because "you guys are playing a $10,000 tournament."

It's a rare person who dislikes the concept of the exposed burn card, but has no problem with a card in play in someone's hand to be known to be one of 8 or so cards from the deck.

I should note that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dealing overall. I had expected a bunch of bad ones because they needed so many, but many were very good and many more were at least competent.


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