Sunday, July 10, 2005

Funny Phenomenon

So directly to my right at the first table was Clown #4, a rich-seeming older-but-not-old guy in a West Virginia baseball cap. He was, it seems, trying to set a record for limping (sometimes calling a raise after limping) and then folding the flop. Indeed, he got himself all the way down to 5100 this way. It stopped for a while because he only had his 5k chip and a 100 chip.

I colored him down as soon as I could; the limping recommenced.

[By the way, as I was walking out after my bustout I saw him still in the tournament. I can personally verify that he sucks real real hard, though. If you're ever in a pot with him, make tiny bluffs and huge value-bets, because he'll fold to any bet if he's folding (actually, he'll usually hold his cards out ahead of time so you know he's folding) and he'll call a lot if he's calling.]


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