Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Few More Hands

Before I busted the maniac Swede:

Folded to him in late position. He puts in a 1k chip and then says "raise." I call the string and complete the SB with Th8h. (Big blind is nowhere near thinking enough to see through all of this and mess with me.) BB checks. 1150 in the pot.

Flop is A97, one heart. I bet 800, BB folds, Swede makes it 2k or so, I call. Turn's a small heart. I bet 1.5k with the intention of pushing to a raise (I have about 20k behind after my 1.5k bet; he has slightly less.) [He folded.]

Later: Vinh open-raises the button (150-300/25) to 1200. I call in the BB with A9s. (Considered a reraise, didn't want to play out of position. Folding would have been insane.) Flop JJ2, two of my suit. I bet 1500, he calls. Turn 2. I check, he bets 3500, I call. River J. I check with the intention of calling anything reasonable. He checks behind and we chop it up. (He had A7o.) What do you think of the turn check?

Earlier: guy with 6k raises in LMP (a clown who raises a lot when it's folded to him in LP;) I call in the BB with AQ. There's 1550 in the pot. Flop KJx; I bet 800 and he calls. Turn T, putting a two-flush on board. I bet 800 and he pushes and I call of course and he has A7 with the flush draw and misses. [Noah made fun of me for utter transparency after that hand. I would have played it very differently against him, of course.]


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