Friday, July 08, 2005

Advice, Please: A WSOP Hand

I think there's a lot to understand here. Pretty important, pretty common situation, and I want to handle it right.

The hand is from Day 1a. I've only been watching a couple minutes, but if I had to guess, I'd say UTG is in middle management and neglects his children because he plays online every night. Oh, and I'd also guess he's tightish-aggressiveish. I'd guess MP is 57 years old and been playing poker for a long time and is independently wealthy somehow. I'd also guess he plays few hands preflop and isn't totally fundamentally sound once he picks them. The table is seeing very few flops.

But anyway. Blinds 100-200, no ante yet. UTG makes it 600, folded to MP who makes it 1600, folded back to UTG who calls. UTG has 8600 behind. Flop 854, two hearts. UTG checks, MP bets 2500, UTG calls quickly. Turn 9. UTG checks, MP bets 2000, UTG pushes (4100 more.) MP goes into the tank for a couple minutes at least, and eventually folds JJ faceup. UTG flips over QQ as he gathers the pot.

Some initial impressions: If table conditions are as I think they are, I'd usually flat-call preflop. The severe underbets seem pretty bad (the flop worse than the turn.) Also, if you're going to commit all your chips by checkraising all-in on the turn (this is a pretty big if, I think,) don't you stand a better chance of getting paid off by leading out?

Come on, people. Give me some insight here.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Matt said...

After the hands were revealed, here were my instant (and quite possibly flawed) thoughts:

1) Why did the jacks reraise an UTG raise at a tight table? Seems very silly to me:

-If UTG puts the 3rd raise in before the flop, you have to fold.

-If it's truly a tight table, you're going to be heads-up in position anyway with a call, so isolating the hand is not an issue.

-If UTG calls, you're in a dillema whether an overcard hits or not. You don't want to start playing guessing games in this spot.

-If you hit the set, you'd arguably be in line to win more with a flat call before the flop.

Personally, at a tight table on day 1 WSOP, i think you have to play JJ from MP against a UTG raiser passively. Either fold it or simply play for the set. I can't endorse the raise.

2)Why the heck did the jacks bet the turn? An UTG raiser at a tight table who stood a re-raise pre-flop does not smooth call a flop bet of 3/4 of the pot with AK, IMO. That's the only plausible hand, besides 10 10, that the MP can be ahead of when the turn hits. For Christ sake, just take a free card here and reevaluate on the river.

3)Why did the UTG check-call on the flop? To me, this is an awful play, plain and simple. If you are going to checkraise all-in on the turn, then you must be thinking that you are trapping on the flop. This is not a trap-sitation for QQ at a tight table with a reraise preflop. I would have either:

-bet out on the flop
-checkraised the flop
-check-fold on the flop

4)Why did MP show his fold? Was he trying to show his "disciplined" laydown?!?! I can't endorse that, ever.

Anyhow, those are my initial reactions.


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